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Leap of Fish allows you to experience life as a flying fish searching for food. Explore the quaint river system while using your leap and glide ability to catch flying bugs; every bug you eat allows you to move faster and jump higher, opening the world up for exploration.

Made for Jamfuser 2020

James Moyse - Lead Designer and Programmer
John Garcia - Designer, Sound Designer and UI artist
Andreea Christiana Papuc - 3D Artist and Logo Creator
Christopher Katunda - 3D Artist and VFX Artist
Robert Doman - 3D Artist and Level Designer
BBC Sound Effects Library
Background Music - "Life in C" by Chris Garcia

Install instructions

Instructions after download. 

Unzip and enter folder.
Run Leap of Fish application and give permission.
If it doesn't run, right click to open properties and unblock.


Leap of Fish.zip 164 MB

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