A downloadable game for Windows

Autotech Industries is the largest box packing factory in the world. Inside, robots are forced to spend their involuntary existence packaging goods under the threat of termination. You are one of them. 

Will you live in fear of what's beyond your cells' walls, or will you break free from your programming and unravel the dark secrets that keep this factory running? 

Boxed In is a first person, physics based stealth puzzler that lets you interact with the environment. 

Out-wit and out-manoeuvre ruthless guards and high-voltage security systems in an attempt to find your freedom and turn the tables on the cruel minds behind Autotech Industries.


  • WASD to move
  • Left-Click to interact
  • Scroll Wheel (+ shift) to rotate
  • Right-Click to throw
  • Space to jump
  • Ctrl to crouch


Andreea Papuc - UI, 2D, Lighting and 3D Environment artist
Christopher Katunda - Character and Environment Artist
James Moyse - Programmer, Animator and Lead Designer
Jeremy West - Environment Artist
John Garcia - Sound Designer, Graphic Designer and Video Producer
Robert Doman - Technical Environment Artist

Install instructions

Instructions after download. 

Unzip and enter folder. Run BoxedIn application and give permission. If it doesn't run, right click to open properties and unblock.


Boxed In.zip 742 MB